Photographer Spotlight: Kyle Enriquez

This week, the Adam Mar team interviewed up and coming NYC street photographer Kyle Enriquez. Kyle's unique style captures the raw and unorchestrated emotion of New York City and its people.

  View the photos below, as Kyle takes us through some of his favorite moments. 

Our Q&A with Kyle Enrqiuez:

Adam Mar: How would you describe your photography style? 

Kyle Enriquez: It's hard to pinpoint exactly what my photography style is. I love dipping my hand in numerous styles because, as a photographer, being versatile is key. If I had to pick one specific style I excell in it would have to be street photography. I love capturing the life of my city by freezing my subject, and giving the viewer an opportunity to soak in the emotion and action that are going on in the photo. 


AM: What type of images most interest you?

KE: Lately, I've been really interested and inspired by travel photography. I love how photographers capture the life and culture of an area in such a short duration of time. It also gives us  perspective and appreciation for other places. 


AM: What motivates you to take the photos that you do?

KE: People who photograph New York City tend to focus on the big buildings and its bridges, but I see New York city more than that. The people of this city inspire me to take the photos I take. New Yorkers are always on the go and have that "go getter" mentality to strive for greatness. You can travel to different places throughout the city, and you will always encounter a different group of people with different personalities. It's never a dull moment.

Never a dull moment indeed! See more of Kyle's work @_kyle.enriquez