Planet Earth 2-

If you have not been watching the second installment of the Planet Earth series, then you

are doing yourself a disservice. The critically acclaimed series airs Saturday's at 9pm EST. Catch

up here if you must. 

Surfing Destination: Scotland?

The North Shore of Oahu, Southern California, Gold Coast Australia, even Hossegor, France are places synonymous with surfing.  The recent advancements in artificial wave technology is changing that though.  The Austin, Texas and Wales Wavegardens were the first to open and it seems that Scotland is on the list as well.  Perhaps AdamMar needs to design a surf kilt?  Get on that would you Adam?!  Click the photo below for the article on Scotland's proposed quarry Wavegarden location. 

For the Love of Sea Turtles

We've been fortunate to witness sea turtles nesting & newly hatched babies making the frustrating scuttle down the beach to their new home in the ocean in Cape Hatteras, NC, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Cabo, Mexico.  Snorkeling in Hawaii and seeing a sea turtle in its natural habitat was an amazing experience - even in Finding Nemo we can relate to the turtle!  We all love them, but sea turtles are in trouble and need some help.  Click the photo below for a great article from The Atlantic and the video below to add a smile to your day!