Adam Mar and the Rainforest Alliance. 


Supporting the Rainforest Alliance

While sustainability is crucial, regeneration addresses both immediate and future global conservation. Adam Mar is supporting the Rainforest Alliance and their mission of stabilizing and regenerating the world's rainforests.

Forests help cool global temperatures, balance green house gases, and aid in air and water purification. Today, 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity and approximately 1.6 billion people directly rely on this crucial habitat for life. The "RA" has helped manage over 92,000,000 acres of land in 78 countries. Since 2010 the Rainforest Alliances partnerships have generated over $123,000,000 in "green" revenue for indigenous people and forest communities in Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico alone. Let's support organizations that are making a difference. 

The capsule we have created intends to shed light on the Rainforest Alliance's mission. This collection utilizes only all natural organic materials- from fabric to label. Your support of this collection will aid in our support of the Rainforest Alliance. Let's re-think how we interact with brands and the natural world.


If you are interested in supporting this collection, email us at . Goods will arrive this Spring.